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Vouch is different

At Vouch, we believe in the power of people and our services are tailored to empower candidates and employers. By putting employment references at the front of the process, candidates are able to have collegues vouch for their skills, yielding highly qualified applicants. Our goal is to improve hiring for everyone. And we do that in a number of ways:

  1. We pay candidates and their recommenders a share of the placement fee.
  2. We provide candidates with valuable resume feedback and coaching.
  3. We offer employers unparalleled feedback from ourselves and candidates regarding job postings and company image.
  4. We guarantee employers a 100% refund if the candidate doesn't stay at least 90 days.

We have years of IT industry experience, from CTO and software managerial experience, to hands-on development. And we leverage that experience to vouch for candidates and their experience. See below how we break the old paradigm of IT recruiting.

Old Model

Candidates: When you get a job using traditional recruiting companies, they get paid for finding you. They keep this fee, even though you do all the hard work of gaining experience, interviewing, and showcasing your skills. They are also usually not deeply knowledgeable in your field, and don't give great feedback on your resume or interviewing skills.

Employers: When you farm the candidate search out to traditional recruiting companies, they will often present candidates who aren't good fits because they don't deeply understand the technology you employ. They also don't have access to the high quality talent pool that Vouch does. And we know as well as you how often they nag with emails and phone calls, stealing your precious time.

  • Recruiters who don't deeply understand technology
  • Pesky recruiters calling/emailing
  • Candidates are the product, earning nothing
Step 1: Annoying Recruiter Recruiter finds candidate
Step 2: Get Hired Manager hires candidate
Step 3: Get Robbed Recruiter takes all the money
Vouch Model

Candidates: When you get a job using Vouch, you walk away with money. We recognize that you are doing the hard work, so we give the candidate 40% of the placement fee paid by the hiring company to Vouch. And if you were recommended by someone in the Vouch network, they get paid part of the fee too! We also offer qualitative feedback on your resume and interviewing skills. Additionaly, we offer a matching donation* if you choose to donate a portion of your fee to a qualified 501(c)3.

Employers: When you use Vouch to find candidates, you're tapping into a network of deeply connected professionals. We have personally developed apps with many of the technologies you use, so we understand them. Since the recommendation model is moved to the beginning of the hiring process, we start with higher quality candidates, and don't waste your time. We provide a list of who recommends the candidate, and why they think the candidate is a strong choice.

  • Knowledgeable IT professionals recommend candidates
  • No annoying recruiters
  • Generate passive income
Step 1: Get Recommended Candidate is recommended to Vouch
Step 2: Get Hired Manager hires candidate
Step 3: Get Paid Vouch pays candidate and recommender
How much could you make?
Candidate: $11,000*
Recommender: $2,000*

* The numbers above and below are representative of how much could be made but final amounts depend on actual placement fee, and candidate staying employed for days outlined in agreement. Average payout above is based on pay to candidate using 25% placement fee and average salary for software engineers of $110,000 found here (https://www.indeed.com/career/software-engineer/salaries).

Placement fee
(typically between 20%-25%)